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Our core values guide our commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) practices to drive shared value for

ESG Core Values

Environmental Stewardship

We respect the land and minimize our environmental footprint with careful planning, an understanding of local ecosystems and progressive reclamation.

  • Restrict our footprint
  • Progressively reclaim disturbances
  • Minimize impacts to wildlife

Community Collaboration

We build integrity and community trust through listening, planning and acting in the measurable best interests of the communities we work in.

  • Consult with communities early
  • Keep communities informed and involved
  • Create economic opportunities

Health & Safety

We protect the well being of our employees, contractors, vendors, communities and other stakeholders with dedication to the highest standards of heath and safety in our industry.

  • Follow all health and safety regulations
  • Provide health and safety training
  • Maintain latest/innovative health and safety measures

Inclusion & Diversity

We aspire to attract and retain a team that represents the communities we work in and where everyone feels safe and empowered to have a voice.

  • Support diversity
  • Build allyship across our team
  • Offer equitable wages and career paths

ESG In Action

2003 Robert E. Leckie Award Winner

awarded by the Yukon government for Outstanding Reclamation Practices in Quartz Exploration and Mining

327 quartz mineral claims voluntarily relinquished

as part of our long-standing commitment to community collaboration

We believe that investing in these long-term relationships pays dividends by:

Supporting a healthy planet for future generations

Creating new opportunities for communities to thrive

Demonstrating the positive impact resource companies can have