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Public Relations Appointment

February 28, 2003

ATAC Resources Ltd. (the “Company”) announces that it has agreed to engage Tom Corcoran, of Nanaimo, British Columbia, effective March 1, 2003, to provide public relations related services to the Company, including the dissemination of approved communications to shareholders or potential shareholders. Mr. Corcoran has over 10 years of experience in public relations representing companies in the public markets, and more than 11 years experience as a broadcast journalist in radio and television news.

Mr. Corcoran will be paid $2,000 per month during the initial 6 month term of his engagement; the Company also has the right to extend the engagement for an additional 6 months for the same monthly compensation. The Company has also agreed to grant an incentive stock option to Mr. Corcoran under its incentive stock option plan, entitling him to purchase up to 74,000 shares at a price of $0.13 per share, subject to regulatory acceptance. Other than the incentive stock option to be granted to Mr. Corcoran as disclosed herein, he does not hold any direct or indirect interest in any securities of the Company.

TEL: 604-688-2568 ALAN R. ARCHER, Director and CFO