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Catch, YT


  • 71 km2 property located 56 km southeast of Carmacks in an underexplored part of central Yukon;
  • Extensive copper and gold soil anomalism, including a 5,000 x 500 m copper and gold soil anomaly;
  • Rock samples have peak values of 3.06% copper, 14.6 g/t gold, 228 ppm molybdenum, and 89 g/t silver
  • Main zone hosts high-grade copper and gold in outcrop across a 500 m extent; 
  • 2022 discovery of a mineralized diorite porphyry grading 1.27% copper with 0.57 g/t gold located 2 km south of the Main Zone; and
  • Grassroots project that has never been diamond drilled, with drilling planned for summer 2023.

Catch Geology and Mineralization

The Property lies within the Stikine Terrane and is immediately adjacent to the 1,000+ km long, deep seated, crustal scale strike-slip Teslin-Thibert fault. The Stikine Terrane is characterized by Late Triassic to early Jurassic volcanic-plutonic arc complexes that are well-endowed with copper-gold-molybdenum porphyries including the Red Chris, Schaft Creek, Kemess, KSM and Galore Creek deposits and mines.

The Property is mostly underlain by augite phyric basalt of the Semenof Formation, centered on a 7 x 3 km regional magnetic high. Mineralization is associated with propylitic to sericitic alteration of basalt and lesser diorite, intrusion breccias and hydrothermal breccias. Locally there is intense silicification, brecciation and up to 10% disseminated to blebby pyrite, chalcopyrite and trace bornite and pyrrhotite. Secondary copper minerals including malachite, azurite and tenorite are widespread at surface, and coat fracture surfaces, and are often associated with gypsum.

The geology, alteration and mineralization observed throughout the Property are all indicative of a nearby copper-gold±molybdenum bearing porphyry system.